Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vacation Part the Second

Yesterday we decided to check out the local agriculture. Just a few minutes down the road from where we are staying are the orange groves, which look a lot like the apple orchards back home only there are orange balls instead of red or green ones. We check out what really was a farm access road between groves...amazing...the dirt road was ORANGE.

Then we headed to this very cute, very local U Pick citrus place...just like the apple orchards that have picking in the fall, with apple cider, animals to pet, and other produce... We were able to pick oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines. We got an amazing orange slushie and some huge tomatoes and orange blossom honeycomb. Forrest was able to pet some baby ducks, play on the slide and the swings. Elliot seemed to enjoy it too on mama's back. Overall a very family friendly, local color kind of trip.

After naps, we headed to the pool for a short trip...all I have to say is when we are back to the great white north and can't go swimming everyday, Forrest is going to be one sad little boy! He loved the slide at the pool! Elliot enjoyed his fingers in the stroller.

Speaking of strollers...

Remember the whole "you people were too rough with my stroller and broke it" thing? Here is a bit more background on the stroller. My mom scored a great deal on a Chicco double stroller for us, by great deal I mean $65! And it is red! Anyway, I knew I couldn't afford to replace that stroller because new they are more like $300 and so this whole broken wheel thing was making me mad, not to mention that we are doing some heavy walking in the next couple of days.

Today, Monday, was the first day any of the places I needed to deal were open. I called the stroller company, and of course they don't make the wheel replacement because that particular wheel is riveted to the stroller frame....arrggggg! So, I set out, bound and determined to get the airlines to buy me a new stroller and have it overnighted to our condo.

Success! And it really wasn't much of a fight. Praise the Lord, because I really don't like confrontation...but I needed to get a new stroller shipped to me here. So, tomorrow I should be picking this beauty up from the main office...just in time for our trip to Cape Canaveral on Wednesday (that would be NASA for those of you who are interested at all...yes, we are a nerd family who does nerdy things on vacation. )


  1. Jenny asks me every day if we can go swimming... she was dangerously close to the edge of the lake at the park last week... can't wait til it's warm enough to swim!!

    And, YEAH!!! for the stroller situation!

    Hope you're having a BLAST in sunny FLA!!

  2. that's awesome liz! we have a chicco stroller and i LOVE it.. just the normal full-size one, and i'm thinking we'll probably get an umbrella one when levi gets older. HOORAY for new strollers!

  3. Oooh stroller envy! I had a Joovy Caboose that I hated, I sold it and am now double-stroller-less. Really need to get a new one. I am glad the airline's replacing it for you without a fight.

    We do nerdy things on vacation too, like museums and visiting historical sites.

  4. i'm so jealous. i'll take your broken stroller. i'm sure i could "fix" it. :)

  5. i too am jealous of your stroller :). so glad you got the airline to replace your stroller...that's great!

    and orange picking? that sounds like so much fun!

  6. Ahhh to be in warm sunny weather. I can't say I'm not jealous.

    We are totally a nerd family too. Isn't it fun? That's the way my parents did it too. We are busy planning our completely nerdy vacation for this summer.

  7. ooohhh! So jealous of the stroller--I passed on one of these "great deals on a double stroller at a garage sale" (McClaren, $50--basically new--I know I'm an idiot) when I was brand-newly pregnant for Lydia and have regretted it almost everytime I've seen one of these double umbrella's since. Happy strolling, and NASA sounds awesome. :)


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