Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vacation, Part the First

"Are you sir, aware of section 7-5-whoknowswhatnumber ordinance of the Transportation Safety Administration regarding gels, aerosols, and liquids? Is there anything that will harm me because I am about to dive in." (read with a Barney Fife kind of tone in your voice, and yes the TSA guy really did say that to Noah, only he knew the right number for the right ordinance.)

This was how our morning started yesterday at the Detroit Metro Airport. Chalk it up to no sleep, 2 babies, and just my plain old stupidity, but I managed to pack all our shampoo, shaving cream, sunscreen stuff in a carry on bag. Somehow the shaving cream exploded all over the suitcase and because all of those things were "too big" according to the TSA, my favorites of all of those are now in the trash somewhere outside of Detroit. Oh well.

The boys did great on the flights, and things were going just fine, when we got off in Atlanta to find that our double stroller, a super nice one that I love, was minus a wheel!!!! They broke my stinking stroller! It could limp along, which was good, because how was I suppose to carry 2 boys, a backpack, a overflowing diaper back and a carry on with no stroller!

We finally made it to Orlando, where we dealt with the whole "you broke my stroller" thing. They say they will pay for the wheel replacement. Yeah you will.

Anyway, after realizing that our rental car company wasn't right at the airport, we loaded everything, the above mentioned, plus 2 carseats, a larger suitcase and 2 cheapy loaner strollers, because they didn't have a double, into the rental bus...for another hour long fiasco with another company that is doing all they can to get as much of your money as they can.

But it all worked out...our free housing is WONDERFUL! We spent today playing, swimming and enjoying the sun and the naked babies and doting aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents. Tomorrow we are most likely going to pick ORANGES! Crazy!

P.S. Yes, I really did take the airplane photo at the top...isn't it cool? The planes were all lined up like that behind ours on the runway...


  1. sounds like a CRAZY start to your vacation! glad you are having a nice getaway.

  2. hope you're having fun. i still picture grace and joe as little, not all grown up! :) and i laughed about your sad lotions and what nots getting thrown away.. bummer.. maybe you can claim haven't had more than 4 hours of sleep in so many months? :)

  3. i can't tell you how many bottles of bath and body works lotion i've lost at the stupid airport! i feel your pain.

    ps have a great vacation! please relax...if possible. :)


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