Monday, March 2, 2009

Be Bear Aware

It never cease to crack me up what manages to find it's way into our mailbox here at camp. This one came a while ago, and I have been meaning to write about it for sometime. I found it again when I was cleaning out my desk and had a good laugh again.

First off, I love that someone here was thoughtful enough to stick it in our box. There is some really good information in this little pamphlet! Second off, I love that I live in a place where I might need to know this information. Third off, I love the fact that the spokesman for the Be Bear Aware and Wildlife Stewardship Campaign is General H. Norman Schwarzkopf. Come on, you remember him, you know from the first Gulf war.

Here are just a few of the highlights. Pay attention here, you never know when you might need this info!

Hike in a group, keep children close at hand. Make your presence known, call out, 'hey bear, ho bear'
(This is why I have sleigh bells on our sleds...)

Don't sleep in clothes you cooked or handled fish or game in when camping
(or really anytime for that matter!)

Place sleeping tents at least 100 yards from food storage and cooking areas, place tents in a line spaced apart, not in a circle.

Ok, let's say despite your wonderful signing of 'hey bear, ho bear' you see a bear while hiking...

If a black bear is visible, but not close, alter your route so that you will move away from its area.

If a black bear approaches, do not run. Remain calm, group together and pick up small children. Continue to face the bear and slowly back away. IF the bear conitues to approach try to scare it way by shouting and acting aggressively.

If a black bear attacks, fight back using everyhitng in your poer-fists, sticks, rocks, and bear spray. (don't opt for the 'play dead route')

If you want a good laugh...check out the link to the Be Bear Aware website...there is a video of a dancing bear...just what you need to help get through a Monday afternoon!

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  1. i'll always remember when we were counseling.. you said that if a bear came into your campsite you would stand up and say.. in the name of jesus, mr bear... leave! so funny.. still makes me laugh and strangely enough april and i were just talking about how crazy it is that we slept in the woods where there are bears...


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