Wednesday, November 5, 2008


After 3 trips to Alpena (an hour away) in 5 days, we are headed back tomorrow morning early to the hospital for an induction. Because my blood pressure is still high, and because it looks like I am ready to go, the doctor decieded that was the best route.

I am a bit nervous about the whole induction thing, but ready to get the "show on the road." So, by the weekend, we should have a baby to introduce you all to.

And because I haven't done a great job at posting photos, here is one from yesterday. Forrest and I took a walk and went to the Loggers Bunkhouse (read playhouse/logger museum scaled for little kids). Forrest thinks it's great because it's all his size. He was watching some of the other staff kids play volleyball while he was pretending to eat a strawberry. What a little boy!


  1. we'll be thinking of you guys... what time do you have to be in alpena?

  2. yeah! we'll be anxiously awaiting the news!!!


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