Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Requested Photos

"I would like to see a picture of your desk. :-) Where do you sit when you check Facebook?
Oh, yes. And more pictures of Elliot and Forrest, please."

Here you go Jenn. This is what Elliot and Forrest were doing while I was taking photos of my desk and them:)
Swinging away

Forrest was telling me that "Bebe" is sleeping...see his sign?

My desk...where I check Facebook and blog...yeah, a bit messy right now.

"i want to see pictures of your food. pantry, refrigerator and freezer. :) maybe i'll get a good idea for dinner tonight. "

Ok...but remember, I just had a baby and people have been bringing things are a little cramped right now.

Inspired yet, Rach?


  1. inspired to build a pantry as big as yours? yes! look at all that food storage. jealous ensues.

  2. wow!! you have a HUGE pantry! that must be nice, and you're fridge nice and full... hmmm... mine looks barren and empty right now. :)
    how went your first day with the boys by yourself?

  3. yah...the pantries...I have 5! Can you believe it? I actually use one to put plates and dishes in, one as a gift cupboard, one as plastics and then the two you see as food! Someone was thinking when they did our kitchen!


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