Saturday, November 22, 2008

Forrest Dooley

Forrest has been growing so many ways in the past weeks! I think I notice it more now that I have a newborn again, remembering that is what Forrest was like and now he is more little boy than baby.

Forrest wants to pray all the time now. We have always prayed with him at bed time and meal times. He realizes when someone is praying and he will either fold his hands or grab our hands. But over the past couple of weeks, he will be playing and just stop, fold his hands and say "pray." I thought to my self at one point this week, "this little stinker is getting me to pray more!" Kids grow you in all kinds of ways!

Forrest talks non stop! I am not kidding...there isn't 15 minutes that goes by when he is awake where he isn't telling me something. A lot of times it has to do with cars, trucks, ducks, monos (monkies), book, or "Bebe". He drags his books all over the house and he is starting to "read" them by looking at the pictures! When did he grow up?

Forrest is just plain stronger and more able than he was just a few weeks ago. He climbs all over things, wants to go "walk" and is everywhere! Yesterday he played in the snow for the first time...Grandma had to drag him back in the house he had so much fun! I am going to have a hard time keeping up with him now!


  1. he's getting so big!! do you guys have lots of snow?

  2. he's adorable! and getting so big. yes, you really notice the changes when a new baby!


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