Friday, September 5, 2008

A Rose by any Other Name

So, with just 8 weeks left until baby comes (ok...that's being optimistic...let's say 9 or 10), we realized we needed to get down to business of discussing a name for this new little one.

Oh my.

I am not sure how any of us actually end up with a name. It is such a process, fraught with much difficulty. Inevitably I will hear a name that I like and mention it to Noah and it will get vetoed. Or he'll suggest a name that is so plain vanilla that I just laugh at him. Or we will both like a name and then realize it means something like "female witch of the north" or "man who eats his neighbor." Yah...not good choices.

I remember going through the same thing with Forrest...honestly, I am not sure how we settled on his name, but we did and that's good, because a child really does need a name.

So, we have 8, or 9, or 10 weeks to figure out this little one's name...we'll see...


  1. names are tough, aren't they?!!? mike and i are CONSTANTLY throwing around names.... veto-ing names looking up names and finding out they mean something totally crazy... :) good luck! at the moment we have it temporarily down to 2 names each for a boy or a girl

  2. you don't have to decide can wait to see your son or daughter...and then a name will come to you when you see his or her face!

  3. how's the name decision coming along? yes, we are doing well here. happy to be near family again. and in such a beautiful area!


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