Friday, August 8, 2008

A Week in Review

The last week in photos

Balloons for a friend's shower

Playing the "Water Dumping" Game

Tea, wantons, fortune cookies, and the Olympics

Flowers for a friend's wedding

What a great day for a wedding!

What can I say?

Playing in the hot tub at Buelo's


  1. great pics for a great week, it looks like! love the pic of you and sweet!

  2. thanks liz! i'm willing to try anything.. i may try to buy some sour lemon drops at the store, i've heard those can work too.... cold water makes me feel like puking, so i don't think i'll go that route! :) it's just been a hard emotional week for whatever reason. i just keep crying, and i haven't been like that yet... maybe it's just a new "level" of pregancy? :)
    oh and i LOVED the pictures you posted. you looked simply BEAUTIFUL at the wedding! :)


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