Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Morning

During the summer, Saturday mornings aren't that special. It's another work day for Dad and so it's another work day for Mom and Forrest. Mondays are our "weekend".

This morning, Forrest had yogurt and juice for breakfast. He really wanted to feed himself the yogurt, which surprisingly worked out well.

He did pretty well getting the yogurt to his mouth,
until the spoon got turned the wrong way.

Not sure why I got this look, maybe he didn't want his
inexperience with the spoon caught on camera?

On a completely different note, I have discovered the wonders of white vinegar for cleaning! Did you know that it takes away hard water stains? That it is a natural deodorizer? That it is better than any glass cleaner you can buy? And that it is great for getting rid of the stink that accumulates on cloth diapers? It's amazing stuff! And I really enjoy the smell of it (yah, a little weird, I know...what can I say?) I spent nap time today tackling the bathroom and gave it a good scrub down with the stuff. Now my bathroom is clean and the smell is reminiscent of living near the Heinz pickle factory in Holland.

As the morning wore on, it became too warm to wear anything
but a diaper and play with puzzle pieces!


  1. white vinegar, huh? i've never heard of that, but maybe i'll give it a try. it's probably a whole ton cheaper than cleaning products. how's camp going?
    over half way now! HOORAY!!!!

  2. love that forrest is trying to feed himself..such cute pictures! and white vinegar..good to know. especially with the cloth diapers. what kind of diapers do you use? i have a bunch for liberty, but none in leila's size. we have to do the coin laundry route at this apartment, so i've been doing more disposable lately. anyhow...thanks for sharing about your day!

  3. hello again! i started out using bumgenius, but didn't like them so i tried a few different ones and now i used fuzzi bunz, too. and i still use the bumgenius ones i have.


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