Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yeah Spring!

So, it officially is here! Spring that is! We put the sleds and winter coats away this weekend. The stroller came out of storage, and the patio furniture is up! I resisted buying flowers though...after all it is only the beginning of April in Norther Michigan. I thought that might be pushing it!

You're right, Forrest is not wearing any socks in this photo and there is a huge pile of snow behind him, but I promise, it was 60 degrees out! It's just the snow hangs on for a long time. He has decided he loves the swing. He laughs the whole time he is in it.

This last weekend Lydia Baker (she is on staff too. She oversees hancrafts) and I drove 3 hours to the Canton Ikea store...wow. That was my first experience with the place, although I have heard tons about it. She was getting all the craft supplies for the summer and I was along to help push the 4 full shopping carts and get a few things for our house. My main mission was organization and lighting.

Out of the two light fixtures I brought home, only one kind of works. Any ideas on what to do...the track lights seem to hit you right in the eye...I really like the way it looks, I just can't seem to make it function for what I need it to. Help!

The biggest problem area in our house has been our entry way. We had a table where junk just accumulated. We have a coat closet, but were always too lazy to hang coats up. So, I got some hooks, moved what used to be the dress up trunk in my classroom inside and vola! We now have a functioning place for coats, hats, boots and diaper bags! Noah says his favorite part is the little kids hooks down low! I can't wait for Forrest to be able to hang his coat up!


  1. so fun!!! those entry ways kill ya everytime, don't they? i love the kiddo hooks, too cute! sounds like you had fun, hooray!

  2. i agree, married is WAY better. So.. are you guys getting hammered with snow this weekend??

  3. hello there! how are you? been a long time! looks like you guys are doing well. your son is absolutely adorable! and congrats on the new addition. i would enjoy hearing from you!

  4. so great to hear from you! we are living in flint right now...probably won't stay here as the economy here stinks and my hubby is seeking employment. our email address is: thegoodmanfam@msn.com
    i look forward to keeping in touch with you. God bless!

  5. I LOVE IKEA! And you did a great job with the hooks. :)


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