Friday, March 21, 2008

November 4

Mrs. Kamper's First and Only Multiple Choice Test Ever

Pick all of the answers that are correct.

1. What are you doing on November 4, 2008?

a) Doing your laundry

b) Voting for your most favorite candidate in the USA Presidential Election (don't care who you vote for...just vote...yes, it's important!)

c) Having a baby

d) Digging out from a snow storm

Answer Key:

EVERYONE should have picked option b). Period!

If you live in the vicinity of Michigan you should have also responded with d).

Those of you who like clean clothes could possibly responded with option a).

We, however, will choose option c).


  1. Congrats! Took me a few minutes, I had to REALLY read the questionaire. Definately more exciting than a presidential election!

  2. Congratulations Liz and Noah! Life is fun with two. :-) Is Forrest ready for big brother-hood?


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