Monday, March 3, 2008

Family Photos

So, in my offical job description, it says somehting to the effect of "Keeper of Records." This would include things like making note of when Forrest got his first tooth, knowing where the passports are kept, and keeping track of our tax information. November 1st, in the firesafe, and that portion of the records actually has been delegated to Noah. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

A subheading under the "Keeper of Records" says, "Will annually update prayer card". Yep, it's time. In the last one, Forrest was 2 weeks old.

So, today we set out on what every family knows to be a near impossible task...the family photo session. This one was especially challenging for a couple of reasons. 1) I would be the photographer (I don't have the foggiest idea of what I am doing) and 2) we have an eleven month old.

In an attempt to learn something about this business of family photos, I spend the last few nights studying and researching . Wow, there are a lot of really bad family pictures on Google image search! "Ok, so we won't be wearing green stripes and purple polka dots."

There are also a lot of great ones that people paid a lot of money to have taken. "Ummm maybe $100 jeans and $50 white shirts, with an adorable white outfit from the Children's Place for Forrest. Yah, and the beach in July would work..." Oh wait...

Well, after stretching my brain, we came up with the wardrobe and setting. Nice thing we live around some really great buildings!

The other challenge of this adventure was to keep the eleven month old happy and entertained and preferably looking at the camera...good luck! So, the game plan was to go as soon as he woke up, ate and had a clean diaper. That is about as close as you can come to knowing for sure he will be happy.

Actually, it went pretty well. Forrest was happy most of the time and I feel like we got some shots that were different, unique, and will work for the purpose we need them for.


  1. Great pictures! And great blog! I'm excited to hear more updates about your adventures this summer at Barakel. :)

  2. we just got your email with the Kamper update, and i had actually just finished writing you guys a note! So i'll get that out in the mail soon :o) take care!

  3. i love it! we still haven't taken a family photo yet, because anne's good times are so sporadic. although, i will say the morning idea is a good one. that's when i'm always certain to get a smile. hopefully we'll have a photo to share soon.

    miss you guys!


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