Thursday, February 28, 2008

Empty Air

I have a great need for fresh air today. That crisp, clean, bitting air that tells you you're alive. It isn't laden down with yesterday's dinner, cleaning supplies or germs! It is empty and it feels good!

A quick look at the thermometer, "yep, 30 is definably warm enough to open the windows", and that fresh air came wafting in off the lake, frozen though it is.

The time to "blow the stink off" has come. Coziness is great for November and December. I enjoy the fun of being snowed in during the blizzards of January. There is something that makes you feel hearty, like our pioneer mothers, when you know that you can survive a winter storm.

But it's nearly March! It is time for the snow to melt away as if Aslan is on the move! So, in hopes of urging the snow to move on, and prodding the earth to tilt a bit faster towards the sun in our favor, the blankets and pillows are out on the porch. Perhaps they will capture some of that clean, empty air.


  1. AMEN!!! Bring on the warmth and the sun! :)

  2. maybe i should do that to my sheets and blankets! i'm getting ready for spring. the baby and i need to get walking! i just wish we could walk down to your house for a visit. oh well...


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