Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Beginnings

Humph....I guess that six month break broke my writing habit. 

Whatever.  We're going to pick up and move along.  Because every day is a new beginning, even if it's 21 days after a new beginning.  God's been reminding me "Every Morning is New.  Throw away yesterday's half completed list and let's start fresh."

The big boys are back at school, with some changes to teachers that were unexpected and hard, but have turned out to be good.  Quinn is fully 3 1/2 with all that means, the good and the bad.

Over the Christmas break we moved around beds and are now getting ready to build a wall and frame out a door to make another bedroom for Baby Girl, who should be coming in just about 10 weeks!

Speaking of that, how can 10 weeks feel like way not enough time to get everything done and yet and eternity away?  Time and pregnancy have a weird relationship. 

So that's where I am living.  Not always gracefully, but that's the whole thing right?  That He has compassion and new mercies for me everyday.

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