Saturday, December 6, 2014

This and That...Again

Sooooo, we are now just 8 days from leaving!  What the what?  So let me splain.  No there is too much.  Let me sum up" to quote Inigo Montoya, which if you have only seen the movie and not read the book you are totally missing out.  Which makes me think I should look to see if it's on Kindle, because it's just the kind of thing  that would make for good airport reading.  And now you see how my mind has been over the last few weeks...full of insane details!! Let me show you

  • Thanksgiving week I got to help in Forrest's class for their Thanksgiving lunch.  I brought in some fall leaves that my mom and our friends brought us because most of the kids have never seen fall leaves.  Such fun!
  • The Weekend after Thanksgiving, Noah preached at both services, and we coordinated another picnic/babyshower for 4 babies!  Noah did a great job preaching and the picnic was a blast!
  • The little boys and I helped decorate church for Christmas, it's soooo pretty!  Just simple white lights as a canopy over the congregation.
  • I finally finished up the table clothes for church that have been staring at me for way too long.
  • We recovered 12 folding chairs with old coffee bags for church
  • Elliot lost his first tooth without realizing it!  Funny kid!

  • I have been organizing and rearranging things so the family that is going to rent our house while we are gone will have room (and did I mention how thrilled we are that God provided someone to stay here?!  Yes, we're thrilled!)
  • Noah showed his car to about 8 people and yesterday finally sold it!!
  • We bought a van in the US, so we have wheels when we get there.
  • Started the process of washing and packing all our clothes
  • We've been able to have sweet time with different friends to say goodbyes.  Just today Forrest's best friend came over along with his sister, mom and grandma for cafecito and play time.  So nice to have time built in to spend with people.
  • Finished up all the Christmas presents we needed to make and they are either given or packed.

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