Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Newsletter

Can introduce you to some amazing woman?  Meet Ale, Loredona, April, Andrea, and Francella!  These are just some of the women who help keep me sane here in Costa Rica.  Our time together each week has become such a life line for me! 
About a year ago, in desperation, I asked a couple of the women at church with young kids if we could get together, just to have a cup of coffee, let the kids play and talk.  Nothing fancy or formal.  The response was an overwhelming, "YES!  We need that too!"  It's universal, moms need other moms! And there really isn't anything like this formally happening here in Costa Rica.  Believe me, I searched and searched!
Our church has an amazing amount of land for being in the city in the Central Valley.  We have a soccer field and a playground!  The kids can play safely, and the moms can talk.  And eat.  We do cafecito, which here is around 3 pm.  There is usually coffee, bread, and something sweet. 
My friend Ale explained it like this, "Un rato para estar juntas sin presión de donde están los chicos!!! Siempre es bueno conocer a otras mamás que están viviendo situaciones parecidas!!"
For those of you who don't speak Spanish, she says, "it's a time to be together without pressure of wondering where the kids are!  It's always good to know other moms that are living the same situations you are in." 

So very, very true!!
Would you pray for our times together on Thursdays?  Not only has it been a help to me, but it is becoming an outreach too.  For one of the women, this is her only touch point with the  church. Pray for us as we encourage and spur one another on towards loving our husbands, doing what's best for our families, and growing in the Lord.

Thanks for being part of what God is doing in Costa Rica!

Noah, Liz,
Forrest, Elliot and Quinn

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