Monday, July 7, 2014

July Newsletter

We have some great news!  The Lord has clearly directed us to serve alongside the pastor and staff at our church here in Costa Rica as assistant pastor and school chaplain!  This is a continuation of the type of disciplining ministry we were doing at Roblealto but on a larger scale as we will be.directly impacting the lives of over 100 members of the church and 100 students (and their parents) that attend the church's largest ministry, the bilingual Liberty Christian Academy (LCA).
For years, both LCA and our church have been praying for these needs to be filled. In the role of assistant pastor we will be assisting our pastor in different projects and helping to facilitate community growth and outreach for our church. At the school we are working to create a comprehensive Bible Curriculum, pre K-11th grade,  planning and leading weekly chapels, and working one on one with students and parents. We're also excited about working with the teachers to cast a vision for making disciples out of the students.  Many of students come from broken homes, and don't know Jesus.  Their families send them to LCA because it's an English speaking school.  What a huge opportunity!! 
One of the things our pastor wants us to develop in our church is being the Body of Christ to one another.  What we grew up knowing as  church family, (things like bringing meals to people after babies are born, surgeries, etc, helping people move, being the physical support in times of crisis,) doesn't often happen in many Tico churches.  Our pastor has told us he really wants to see the church grow in this and wants us to not only model that, but to help people understand and grow in those areas of hospitality and community.  He also wants us to disciple the members and move them to being active serving members of the church. We also see this church on the verge of some really great outreach possibilities in the community we are situated in as well as in Costa Rica.
We have officially started in these new roles and are so excited to hit the ground running!  We are thankful for UWM and their help in this process.
Thanks for all your kind emails and prayers!  We wish we could have answered you all personally!  Know that God used those to encourage us and discern where He was leading!

Because of Him,
Noah, Liz,
Forrest, Elliot and Quinn

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