Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This and That

  • Forrest was walking out the door this morning with an empty backpack.  No homework, and worse, no lunch...and I hadn't packed his lunch yet!  Mom fail.
  • 17 days until our Florida Trip.  Yeah, we're just a wee bit excited over here
  • This last weekend we had a retreat with our mission.  It was the last of the LAM retreats and several people came from the United World Mission headquarters.  There was even a couple that came from Cape Town, South Africa to give us a taste of what God is doing there.  Very cool.  It was good to meet some of the new faces now that we are with UWM.  Forrest at one point during the weekend said this was the "M" retreat, because there is an "M" in LAM and UWM.  That kid.

  • Did I mention we are going to Florida?  Oh, sorry.
  • We just might be getting some new neighbors!  Our landlady is building a new house next to ours and a friend from a Bible study I am a part of is looking for a house.  They have a 9 year old boy and are originally from Chicago.  It would be amazing if this actually works out!

  • I think I am going to adopt Quinn's form of language learning.   His vocabulary is exploding right now and it's in part because he repeats all the time!  And if he hears anything in connection with another word he just learned he will talk about it.  Like this.  He learned how to say Happy Birthday to you.  No really.  The whole thing.  He says Happy Birthday to to.  I was reading him a book that said something about a birthday cake.  To which he said "Happy Birthday to to."  What?!  He also learned about airplanes this weekend (there were lots of planes flying over the place the retreat was at) All weekend he would say "Plane.  It's flying!"  Now he talks about the birds, "Bird, it's flying"
  • There is a pile of laundry calling my name.  Bye.


  1. Is that pic of Quinn at your retreat center? If so, I think I DO know where you went. Pretty sure we went there for a couples retreat pre-children. Hope you have a great week!

    1. yep that's a photo of the place. It was good, but tiring...Quinn didn't sleep the first night until 3:30 am!! What? The other nights we went home because it was just about 15 minutes away and we all slept much much better in our own beds!!!

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