Friday, February 14, 2014

A Love Song from a Little Boy

Elliot, who is 5, sings.  Almost constantly.  Especially during "quiet time."  At the top of his lungs.  Sometimes it's just about life, but more often than not, it's about or to the Lord.

 (the photo is blurry and Quinn is photo bombing, but this is how Elliot often talks to me about life.)

Today, I was sitting at the computer and could very clearly hear him (there is no sub floor in our house, the floor for the upstairs is the ceiling for the downstairs.)

This was what I could write down.  There was a lot of repeating and the song went on for about 20 minutes. 

"You are the King that rose from the dead, 
King forever, King for always, You came to love us. 
You are rose from the dead, You love us, 
The King forever. 
You love us good, good God, 
King forever, King for always is our God. 
And our Salvation is because of You. 
We love you with all our hearts. 
You will always be with us. 
You are a good, good God. 
You love us with all Your heart. 
You are what we need. Forever." 

What a powerful song!!  It's his little heart singing what is pouring out of it, to the God of the Universe!  I have been thinking about it all morning, just how foundational, how simple and yet profound it is.  I love little grammar quirks, and especially this line "Our Salvation is because of You."   WOW!

I said to him a while later "I liked your song.  Maybe some day you'll write songs that people sing at church"  to which he replied, "Yeah!! Just like David!" 

What a love song from a little boy's heart to his God, who is "The King forever, King for always"!


  1. What a precious, powerful song! I absolutely love the abandon with which children sing. I think your post is a reminder to all of us mamas to WRITE IT DOWN!!

  2. Love that! What a precious, tender heart! And wrote it down!


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