Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Casita, errrr Fort

Around Thanksgiving time, our church ordered a bunch of paving stones to pave the parking lot.  These pavers came on pallets.  Now.  I have been on the hunt for pallets for 2 years!  So I asked around and was told "take them.  Please." Well ok!

I had lots of ideas, but the first project I wanted to get done for the boys was a playhouse.  Or a casita (little house).  And I was told, "we don't want a playhouse, we want a FORT!"  Ok then.

Our landlady had some big posts and Noah and the boys promptly got to work on digging the holes. After about an hour the boys abandoned Noah.

But really, the ground was soft and he got the the post sunk in a morning.  Then, our landlady had some leftover aluminum sheeting she offered for the roof of the casita err fort.

The boys love it.  We are still working on a floor of some sort because it's in a low spot (one of the few level places in our yard, which is on the side of a mountain), but really, they are in it almost everyday doing something.  

I am praying somehow we can keep this house with it's amazing yard and great landlady while we are on home assignment next year.  It's just too good of a space to give up!


  1. Naomi says "That's a cool fort!" I agree. Looks like your bringing up some very creative boys. I love it.

    1. Hannah!! You came out of the woodwork! Hurray! And yes, the fort did turn out pretty cool!

  2. Guess Noah's big borthers did a good job training him on fort building. :) - Jeff

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  4. That looks like so much fun - brings back memories of forts in my past. Thanks for the souvenir; enjoy!


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