Saturday, January 11, 2014

Staff Photos

A few weeks before Christmas, the Program Department at camp asked me to come take some photos of the camp staff.

While I was very excited about the opportunity, I was pretty nervous too.  I normally take photos when no one is looking, you know, they are playing, or sleeping or hitting a piñata.

These were suppose to be real portraits of each person, a group shot of each department, and a full staff photo!  Yikes!  Oh, and did I mention these were going to be a Christmas present to each staff person and the group shots were going on the website?  Yeah.

Noah was a big help in just directing everyone so I could focus on the actual taking of photos.  The day and the light couldn't have been more perfect.  And really, I think they turned out pretty well for someone who just sorta guesses at what they are doing.  

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