Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Navidad

errr Feliz Christmas!


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  1. I'm sitting here at the computer where I've reminiscing and missing the land of my childhood. Then I started going through my bookmarks and it occurred to me that your family is probably missing the land of your childhood, the familiar rituals, traditions, smells, tastes and hugs from those you love and who love you. So I wanted to write to you and wish your family a wonderful, blessed Christmas filled with lots of peace and love as you celebrate a long way from the familiar traditions you grew up with. Forrest, Eliot and Quinn will have wonderful memories of their childhoods that they will cling to and remember just as you and I do ours, no matter where in this world God places them. Please receive, from my family to yours, a wish for a blessed Christmas. De la familia Mas Tierra para usteds.


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