Thursday, November 21, 2013


There is a great new website for women living cross culturally called Velvet Ashes.  Every week there is a conversation through words, photography and art centered on a particular word.  This week's is

I've been thinking about this idea of being grateful in the midst of some hard things.  This week as I canned some orange marmalade, I was grateful for an echo of the familiar in the midst of the foreign.  So much here is so different, or different enough to throw me off my game.  But fruit and sugar in glass jars is still a thing of beauty, no matter where in the world you are.  And I am grateful.


  1. "I was grateful for an echo of the familiar in the mist of the foreign." Yes, oh yes!!

  2. It is a thing of beauty indeed!! And I too love the line "an echo of the familiar in the midst of the foreign." Can definitely relate to that. (And this dovetails beautifully into next week's word! ;)

  3. I simply adore this. I am a canning junkie of sorts. I can't seem to take enough photos of my finished product. I made apple garbage jelly a few weeks ago and did a whole photoshoot. Weird. I love these words and the gratitude I know so well for a few jars of goodness that feel like home. Glad you linked up!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I am finding I really miss just doesn't make much sense long hard winter to make it through like where we grew up, there is always fresh stuff!! But we have an orange tree in our yard and I I was bound and determined to learn what to do with a whole harvest of oranges. Orange marmalade!! Except my family hates it!! What?!? So this year, I am just making them for teachers gifts :) And I am with you, jars of food and clothes on the line, I could take hundreds of photos of those things!

  4. I love that you focused on something so simple, the things that are so easy to forget. By the way, you picture is beautiful. I can never make food items look that good!


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