Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh, Just This and That

Well, it seems that life just keeps clipping along.  Noah looked at me the other day and said "these weeks are so FAST!!"  I don't know what it is, but it sure feels like it was Thursday two days ago and here we are again! 

  • Forrest is finishing his 4th week of school!  What?
  • It's almost September?  How is that possible

  • Quinn is talking.  We've suspected it for a while now, but the kid is talking!  Hi, Hola, Mama, Da, Bye bye (complete with hand motions) Eat (but it's not really the word eat, it's more like a monkey call) Yeah and we think he even says "what is that?"  Genius child.  We are working hard on Chao (as in bye)
  • Quinn was sick all last week, and then I got sick and then he got sick again.  It's not been a fun two weeks in that department!

  • I miss a dishwasher.
  • I am thankful for a dryer!
  • I tried the famous "blue soap" here...I think it works well as a treatment on new didn't do so great on the old one.

  • We discovered that Minga HATES being sprayed with water...I think we found our anti-barking solution!
  • I think I am going to try and rig up some sort of tent out on the deck so the boys can go "camping" for Labor Day and sleep out there.  We'll see...
  • Elliot says he can't fix my runny nose, he's only good at fixing toys.  Too bad.


  1. The weeks ARE flying! I swear Friday of last week was yesterday! :) Your list of Quinn's words reminded me that Reagan said "Wha daaat..." for "What is that?" for the longest time. Enjoy these early words - they are the best!

  2. I was thinking I can't believe September's already here either! I remember that blue soap!

  3. I agree that the time really is flying! How fun that Quinn is talking! Jethro says buh-bye, ba-ba (bath), mama, dada, mmm (moo).

  4. Love that photo of Quinn. How great that you have a dryer! When it's too rainy and my diapers don't get dry in time, we head to Kenneth's to use the dryer. Those prefolds come out feeling luxurious :) I can imagine my baby lives for rainy days.

    1. yes, a dryer is HUGE!! And that the electric is included in our rent!!


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