Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Spring Arbor Team

The last week of June, a group of teens and leaders came to help with the work God is doing at Campamento Roblealto.  We have a lot of groups come, but this one was special to our family because they came from the church that we attended when we were in college.  The Youth Director was a couple of years behind us at Spring Arbor Univeristy and it was soooo very fun to have this group!! 

They came at such a good time for us personally.  There are these ebbs and flows as a missionary family.  Sometimes, things just clip along fine, life is easier, emotions are more stable, and well, things are good.  And then there are times, when things get harder, emotions are all over the place and it can be hard to keep the big picture in mind (for a myriad of reason).  The week the Spring Arbor team came was one of the ebbs for us. 

But what an encouragement they all were.  Not only did they kick butt around camp with the work project, do a fantastic job working with the Project Hope camp, but they played with my big boys, loved on Quinn, and just took time to talk with Noah and I, to ask questions, to pray for us, and haul a suitcase of goodies for us!

The boys and I were able to go in most days to eat a meal with them and two of the girls really took on Forrest and Elliot.  They played with them, helped them with their food, talked with them and just were fantastic!  They made such an impression on the boys, they are still talking about Abby and Kenzie.

One of the days we got to go with them to the Poás Volcano and we were actually able to see the crater for about 10 minutes.  And what fun it was just to hang out and talk with all of them!

Grateful for the time we had with this awesome group!  The boys are asking when we get to visit them all in Michigan!

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  1. So glad that you were able to experience and be encouraged by visitors from home. :) God is so good to us!


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