Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Newletter

A Hike

Two weeks ago I (Noah) spent 6 hours on a volcano with Esteban and Gerson, two guys who love the Lord and want to grow more in Him 

Esteban and Gerson on a tree that lays 8 feet above the trail

What an enchanting place, a part of Costa Rica I had never experienced, the ancient forests and strange plants on the side of a volcano! Here is one of the lagunas, where lava at one time erupted

Esteban was our guide as he we tracked a Tapir through the jungle, we were probably 30 yards away from it when he took off his backpack and told me to do the same as he said "it will be easier to move if it charges us." To bad we never got to see it face to face :)
Here we are at the summit having lunch overlooking the main laguna (below) as a large red falcon flew past us

What we do here is not instantaneous, the changes aren't always seen on the outside of a person, but we know what an impact that one person can have on another when they spend time showing they care and taking the time to invest in them.  This is what God sent us here for, to meet the need and change lives one (or maybe two :) at a time.
Thank you for your prayers and for your financial gifts that keep us going!
Noah for the rest of us

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