Monday, March 18, 2013

Summing Up

Hi there!  Remember me, you friendly missionary blogger?  Yeah, it's been a while, I know.  Something about having your computer stolen...

But we aren't going to dwell on that.  Instead, I am going to attempt to catch up on the last few weeks, bullet point style and everything.  So here we go

  • Noah's parents came for their first visit and it was great!  We were able to show them how crazy unpredictability life can be here, and also were able to go away for a few days to see the now dominate volcano, Arenal.
  • We were robbed, but you knew that already.
  • We finished up swimming lessons.  Costa Rican swimming lessons are soooo different!  And hard!  We're just going to put that on the back burner for now.
  • We found a home school group that meets every Thursday and it's only about 20 minutes from our house.  The boys have loved it so far, and it's been good for us to get out of the house once a week.
  •  Noah started a Bible study with some of volunteers interested in learning more about leadership.  The response was pretty great!  We even had to order more books!
  • We were able to get a a new laptop!!  Which is fantastic, but now comes the whole process of learning it and making it our own...blah
  • We took another trip to Panama last week.  This time we did it all in one day, crazy, but it's done.  Hopefully we will have our residency by the time these tourist visas expire and then we can get our drivers' licenses.
  • A group of faculty and staff from Spring Arbor University (our Alma Mater) were here last week and wanted to have lunch with us!  What fun that was!  They also talked with us about spending some time with the Cross Cultural trip that is coming in January.  How fun!!
  • I made a corned beef this year for St. Patrick's day.  While it was a step or two in the right direction for corned beef, it was super spicy from some red pepper flakes.  Will be cutting way back on that.
  • Quinn is now crawling like a maniac, pulling up, has two teeth, is babbling like crazy and flat out refuses to eat anything.  Seriously.  Sometime soon I should show you all the video...I really don't know what to do for him.
  • We now have a 8 foot aluminum sheeting fence around our back yard.  See the note about the robbery.
  • I found whole 16 lb turkeys here for $9!  At Thanksgiving time they are close to $60!  I bought two.  One we will have for Easter.  What?  You don't have turkey at Easter?  And the other I cooked today, will take all the meat of the bones and freeze that.  Maybe I can get one more and do the same and still have room in my freezer...maybe


  1. was one of the last names of the SAU guys, Ellis? One of our babysitters was saying today her dad just got back from costa rica talking with some people about a cross cultural etc... this came after Levi was telling her about volcanoes, and then it ocurred to me that I could tell her the people I was talking about were the people at the place that the sr. high teens were going on their missions trip. weird.

  2. Jen! Yep, Brent Ellis was here! How funny huh? And yes, a lot of the faculty and staff go to SAFMC and were excited to see where the youth group is going to be coming and what not. And Dr. Hamilton is leading a CC trip in January and they are going to spend some time with us too! Crazy!!

  3. I'm glad you have a computer back! Now you have to post pictures of Quinn and his antics...I still envision him as a little baby!


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