Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Without Power (cord)

Just popping in for a minute.  Life is never boring around here, I'll say that!  Last week Thursday, our puppy Minga, managed to chew just the slightest bit on the computer cord to our last functioning computer.  Eeeehumm.  Yeah.  Remember, Noah's computer complete bit the big one about a month ago.

After looking at about 6 stores here and in San Jose, we didn't find a single power cord that fits the computer.  But!!  A friend offered to get us one in the States, and there happend to be a missionary that we know in the States who is coming back to Costa Rica tomorrow.  And another missionary friend who lives close to the first missionary friend is coming to see us on Saturday and she is bringing the new cord with her.  We hope.

I have been able to limp along with our kindle fire, sorta kinda updating facebook (with tons of auto correct nonsense...seriously!  I hate it!), but I can't call the US with our magic jack or skype or really even email effectivly.   Noah has been able to bring his work computer home at night...but ummmm, did I mention, the camp season started Monday.  And if you will remember with me, camp equals crazy work schedule/time without Dad/Husband. Ummmhummm.

So, while I have tons to tell you about making tamales, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, sledding in Costa Rica and all sorts of other fun will all have to wait until I have my computer back. 

In the mean time, leave me a comment and tell me your worse tech related story.

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