Friday, December 7, 2012

Galletas de Navidad

So Wednesday we hosted our first group of volutneers here at our house.  The camp season is coming up and there are some new voluteers who don't really know each other.  They wanted to spend some time together before camp started and we offered our house up for the fun. 

We thought it would be a good idea to have an activity for them, becuase they had only spend about 36 hours with each other.  Sometimes it's good to have your hands busy when working on making friends.  So, being that it's Christmas time, decorating Christmas cookies seemed like a good idea.  Most Ticos don't bake, so Christmas cookies aren't a thing here and they were all excited to try their hand at this North American tradition.

It was fun to watch them figure it all out.  First, they spread the frosting on the cookies like you would butter on bread.  And when they finished decorating, they asked if we needed to cook the cookies again.  Nope, just eat 'em friends!  They thought the Michigan and moose cookies were the funniest. 

After the cookie making, there was some tree climbing for oranges and just general talking and laughing.  And I'll say this, when working with people who love camp, your kids have some great play buddies!  Our kids were loved on, and thoroughly played with!  The volunteers were fighting over who got to hold Quinn.

Supper was taquitos and salsa, fruit and chips.  I was thankful how everyone pitched in and helped clean up.  We were able to spend some time talking with the group, getting to know them, them getting to know us better.

Pray for this group, and the rest of the volunteers as they are preparing for camp in just a few weeks.  Pray that God would use this preparation time to grow them and He would soften the hearts of the campers that are coming.

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