Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hodge Podge

So this is more of a hodge podge than anything else.  There is a little of the house, a little of the boys, and a bit of an update about Noah's job.  So you know, feel free to jump to what interests you.

Not a lot of pretty pictures on this front, mostly we have done some deep cleaning over the last few days.  I found mildew in the dressers and wardrobe in what will be our bed room last week.  After bleaching them, tea tree oiling them, leaving vinegar in the room, leaving baking soda in the wardrobe, the stink is still there.  So we asked the landlady if they can be moved out, and she said yes.  Today they came and got the two dressers and tomorrow they will come for the wardrobe.  That will mean I can finally get us moved down to that bedroom.  Although, now we have to figure out a closet solution.   And still find a crib mattress for Quinn.  I have been to two different stores and while they had crib mattresses, they were all too long.  So the hunt continues.

Noah was able to finally put up the tapestry last night that has been hanging on the banister since we moved in.  Isn't it nice?

The Boys
Overall, they have been doing really well.  I think because we had help with this move, it meant we could work on helping them through the transition.  They are loving the yard, the garage, and their own rooms.

They have been sharing a room since we left Barakel a year and a half ago.  The first night in this house, we let them sleep wherever and said we would talk about it the next day.  In the morning, I asked Elliot if he liked sleeping by himself.  "Yep, because Forrest can't hit me."  Oh boy.  I asked Forrest what he thought about the whole situation.  His response was "I like it, becuase Elliot can't bother me."  And that sealed the deal. 

Quinn is charming just about everyone he comes in contact with.  He gets called, guapo (handsome), precioso (precious), gorditio (chubby) muñeco (doll) and all sorts of other sweet names. 

He has also decieded that he needs to eat every two hours (again!) and that sleeping in the living room is far more fun during the day than his tent.  Funny little old man.

Noah's Job
Noah started work last week Monday.  It's been good for him to get there, get his feet wet and work on getting to know the volunteers.  He was working from home one day last week and I laughed because much of the time was spent on Facebook and Twitter!  He's been able to chat online with some of the volunteers who are very excited we are here.  This last weekend, he also worked with the program department and some of the volunteer leaders to start creating the theme for the upcoming camping season (in January).

So there you have it, a hodge podge update. 

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