Monday, September 24, 2012

And We're Off!

It's here!  Today we leave for Costa Rica with an overnight stop in Orlando. 

Here's our itinerary:

11:00 am -Get to Grand Rapids airport.  Unload 15 bags, 4 carryons, 1 diaper bag, 4 backpacks, 2 car seats, 1 stroller, 3 kids and get checked in.  Ha!  Praise the Lord my sister and brother in law are coming with us!  Oh, so add another two backpacks and carrryons into that mix.

1:33 (How do they come up with these crazy times?) Leave Grand Rapids and fly to Cleveland
3:30 pm Leave Cleveland and arrive in Orlando at 5:54

Then it's getting those 15 bags, 6 carryons, 1 diaper bag, 6 backpacks, 2 car seats, 1 stroller, and 3 kids into an hotel shuttle and get to the hotel for the night.

Tomorrow (Sept. 25th)
6:30 am load all that stuff up in the hotel shuttle to get back to the airport.
10:16 am Fly out of Orlando
11:23(Costa Rican Time, they are 2 hours behind EST) arrive in Costa Rica.  Get all that stuff through customs and immigration, find our driver, get the rental car and head up to Campamento Roblealto!

Would you pray with us about these things?  We know we can't do these couple of days without people praying with us!

  • Safe flights today and tomorrow
  • No issues with checking luggage in Grand Rapids or Orlando
  • That if bags are overweight, the attendants wouldn't see it
  • That we will be able to keep track of everything!  
  • No issues with security in Grand Rapids or tomorrow when we fly out of Orlando
  • Health for the whole family
  • Easy flights for the boys (this is Quinn's first trip on the outside of mama)
  • Smooth customs experience in Costa Rica 
  • Smooth transition to Camp on Tuesday
  • Wisdom to deal with anything that might come up!

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  1. Oh Liz! I will be praying for you guys today! God's grace is enough for each moment. :) I'm resting in that myself today.

    I will pray for you especially that the stress and worry will turn to peace. Love you guys!!


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