Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Ride

Someone asked us a great question the other night, "so what are you praying for?"  And one of the top things that came out of our mouth was "for a vehicle."

When we get to Costa Rica on the 25th (which just take a peek at the calendar, that's just a week and a half away!) we won't have a vehicle or a house.  Little wierd.  There is always this moment in the airport where I realize, "You know, we don't have car keys, house keys or a phone that works.  Strange."

Campamento Roblealto has graciously offered to let us stay in one of the cabins at camp (yes, it does have a small cooking area and a bathroom) while we look for a house, and we are renting a car for 10 days while we look for a vehicle.

We have two different vehicles we are wanting to look at in the first week.  Would you pray with us about a couple of things?

  • The timing of looking at the vehicles, getting them to a mechanic for a complete look over, and getting to a lawyer for the paperwork would work out to all happen while we still have the rental.
  • We would have wisdom on which is the best option for our family
  • The last $3,200 would come in soon so we have all the cash in hand to buy the vehicle
 Thanks guys!

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