Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Next Couple of Weeks

Boy oh boy!  It's been a fullllllll couple of weeks, between zoos, gardens, family, and friends, we barely have time to clean and stock the fridge!  And now we are getting ready to head on the Northern tour portion of our time in the States. 

Over the next 16 days we'll be in 4 cities, well, that might be stretching the word city.  How about we say towns.  Ok, 4 different towns, speaking at 1 church, with 3 different families, camping for two nights, and spending a full 7 days at Camp Barakel helping with High School Week!  Noah will be running for the President of Camp Barakel (he has a perfect name, doesn't he?) 

Would you pray with us about a couple of things?
  • Safe travels to and from and all over, somewhere around 815 miles and something like 16 hours on the road.
  • Pray for cooperative, happy kids.  Hey, God says He does immeasurably more than we can hope or imagine!
  • An effective week at Camp Barakel.  Noah will be doing a lot of the silly stuff, but the whole goal of the silly stuff is to point to Christ.  Pray for the speaker that week, that he would communicate the Gospel clearly to the High School campers, and pray for the counselors.  They will be in their second to last week of the summer.  They are tired and worn out, but they need to still be "on".
  • Pray for me and the boys that week at Barakel.  We will pretty much be flying solo.
  • Pray that God would lead people to join in the work that He is doing at Campamento Roblealto by partnering with us.
Thanks guys!! 

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