Wednesday, August 29, 2012


On our trip North, we were able to spend some time with much of Noah's family.  His grandparents live north of the Bridge (that would be the Mackinac Bridge for those you who aren't from the Mitten).  So the day we left Barakel, we headed there, because our campground was at the base of the Bridge.

We were able to have lunch with his grandparents, one of his aunts stopped by, and then we went to see another aunt at work.  She works at the local grocery store, which worked well because we had to get groceries anyway.

After our time at the campground, we managed to get, well, not lost, but way out of the way.  But really, it was a happy accident.  We took the road that runs right along the lake shore from Petosky to Traverse City, and wow, was it ever lovely. It was good to drink in the Pure Michigan knowing that in just a few weeks we won't be here.  Oh, and the Fudge didn't hurt either.

We then spent four days in Traverse City with Noah's parents and brothers.  It was good to have that time with family, knowing it's going to be a while before we can do that again.  There are moments when this whole living somewhere else just doesn't seem such a good idea.  But then we go back to the fact that God called us to this and we have to obey.  And so we go, even though it's hard.  Because he who loses his life will gain it.

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