Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Newsletter

A Little Stop In Zeeland

As many of you know we have come "home" from our year of language school to the little town of Zeeland, MI.  We will be here a total of 5 months as we look forward to begin serving at Campamento Roblealto in the beginning of October.  Zeeland has been a mixture of a comfortable reprieve from the stress of living overseas and also a unexpected source of reverse culture shock with its green grass and big open spaces and tall white people! (Noah is no longer consider tall again)

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Over the past two months we have been able to touch base with our churches and a few of our supporters and family.  We also have begun our last phase of the support raising process.  We are currently at 92% and our goal is to be at 100% by July 31st.  In the midst of all of this we wanted to share with you some of our praises and prayers.

Some praises:
  • The healthy birth of our son Quinn! What a guy, he is peaceful, eats and sleeps well and mom and dad are even getting some sleep.
  • Our sister and brother-in-law will be able to come down with us to move in September and we have all but $500 of the $3000 needed for this trip
  • Our supporting churches have been just that, very supportive as we have shared, preached, and worshiped alongside them. If you attend one of them, thank you!!
  • We have been able to rest and enjoy our family here, while Noah has a place to go "to the office" most days and do support stuff.

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Some things to say a prayer for:
  • For God to move in the hearts of the people He desires to invest in what God has called us to
  • That God would show us the perfect house for us to rent in Costa Rica that is near camp, has a bath tub, yard, and has the space to host the college age volunteers we will be working with on a weekly basis.
  • That we would have the funds and find the right vehicle for us and our ministry when we move at the end of September.
  • That we would be able to make the most of the rest of the this summer for our 3 boys and our families and friends.
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It is strange to think that we are only here for 3 more months, but this little stop in Zeeland has been a blessing that also reminds us that our hearts are in camping ministry and Latin America. Daily we are reminded of this as we see kids getting on buses to local camps, or get Facebook updates about what is going on at Roblealto in Costa Rica each week.

We're thankful for you all and would love to hear how your summer is going!
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