Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Frozen Yogurt

So, this last weekend, we took another dive into our storage trailer and came out with some of my favorite things, my glass measuring cups, glass half gallon milk bottles and the ice cream maker attachment to my kitchen aid.  Yes!  I didn't take my mixer to language school because I only wanted to move it once, but I missed it every day!  And yes, it will be coming back with us in the fall!

Well, of course I had to make something with it.   Instead of ice cream, I thought of frozen yogurt.  I am still making our yogurt, and so it is pretty cheap.  Also, I wanted to try out some recipes that would work in Costa Rica.  Most of the ice cream recipes call for things like half and half which we can't get there.  Anyway, frozen yogurt seemed like a good plan.

I found this recipe, and made it up this morning.  Oh.my.word.  This is fantastic!  And it really couldn't be simpler!  Three ingredients.  3 cups Greek style yogurt, 1/3 cup honey, and  1 teaspoon vanilla.  I told Noah I got excited about the ingredients because I made the yogurt (and yes, I strained it overnight to make it greek style), I made the vanilla, and the honey is local raw honey I got at the farmers' market.  How simple and good.

Today the boys had their yearly check ups and between the two of them, they ended up with 6 shots!  To help soften the blow, I told them they could have ice cream when we got home.  Yeah, what they didn't know is they were getting breakfast again, yogurt, honey and strawberries!  They thought it was a huge treat, I was thrilled they loved it.  This is definitely a keeper!

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