Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finishing the Details

Yesterday Noah sent me out.  He said, "I don't care what you do, but you need to get out of the house for a while."  Heheh, I think that means I was a bit cranky.  But I'll take it.

So first stop was to get an actual magazine.  I ended up with Newsweek.  Then, off to find some coffee and a bagel.  That would be Lemonjello's in Holland.  I sat there enjoying the coffee and my magazine for a good long while.   

Then, becuase I wasn't ready to head home, I went to one of those very fun, but super expensive kid stores in downtown Holland.  You know, just to look around and be amazed at the fact that people pay $25 for a white onesie that says, "No Hablo"  (I don't talk).  Don't get me wrong.  It was super cute.  And in Spanish none the less, but I am not going to pay $25 for that!

I was very tempted by these gauze receiving blankets though.

prince charming swaddle

Oh, my, were they lovely to the touch and just so perfect for a baby born in one of the hottest Junes ever!  But, again, I could not bring myself to pay $50 for 4 blankets.  Sorry.

But that got me thinking.  And then, because I still wasn't ready to come home yet, I stopped at the fabric store.  I found some gauze that was on sale, bought three yards, was a pain to the cutting table lady and had her cut them in 1 yard sections and then came home.  I simply zigzagged the raw edges and just like that,  I had three gauze blankets for about $18 instead of $50.  

Today I had a doctor's appointment and when the nurse asked me when baby was due, I said, "Next week" and went, "oh my word!  NEXT week!!  So today I made granola and tried to get the laundry under control and then Noah told me I needed to sit down.  But really, I think we are ready.  Well, except for packing the hospital bag.  But that's only because I only have a few things that fit. 

So, I think I am all caught up on things around here, well, you know, until we all change into our jammies tonight and there are dirty clothes.  But really, I think now we are ready for Baby.


  1. You know...you're never really ready, are you? I never was. And they came and we lived. :)

    Oh and I can't imagine your sticker shock in that "one" store. I know it's shocking for me and I live in America 12 months out of the year. No shopping...just looking here. Well minus those to die for pacis. They were worth it. :)

  2. i have some of those pricey blankets...love them. they were a gift, though...i couldn't pay that price, either.

  3. I will make you that onesie. I don't know how yet, and it may not look boutique like. But I will. E-mail me your address. Thanks :o)

  4. Oh Jenney! You're sweet! And seriously, it was just a white onesie with black lettering!

  5. Chrysti! How do you know Lemonjello's??

  6. I went to Hope College in Holland, MI. They opened when I was there! :)


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