Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summing up Because I am too Tired

It seems that another week has gotten away from me.  I told Noah tonight at dinner I feel like my life is appointments and sleeping right now. Yeah, I am up to two short naps a day now.  Goodness, this baby is sucking the energy right out of me.  And now we are doing the doctor's appointment thing once a week until delivery day (which is now June 21st.  We have to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM!)

So let me just hit the highlights of the last week for you and we'll call it a night, because, well, I am tired again.

  • We discovered that the community Rec Center has a lovely pool just 3 blocks from our house.  And the family rate is $6 for the whole family.  And they have swim lessons this summer for half the price of other places I've looked.
  • Saturday Noah was able to share at one of our supporting churches in Grand Rapids. 
  • Sunday we were able to share at another supporting church, this time in Eaton Rapids.  Yep, all these water towns here in Michigan!
  • I got all the baby's clothes washed, folded and put away.  Also, all the cloth diapers are washed and ready.  The car seat is ready to put in the suburban, and changing table is ready to go.  Now baby can come.  
  • The boys both know how to ride trikes now.  They road the two blocks to the library and back this week.  And they thought they were quite something, let me tell you!

  •  Last week, Noah ran the 25K Riverbank Run.  He finished in under 2 hours!  It's the longest distance he has ever run and he was super pleased with his time.  It was quite entertaining for the boys to watch everything going on downtown too.

  •  I am needing to drink a lot more than I have been.  So in an attempt to tempt myself to get more fluids in my body, I tried making some decaf ice tea.  And this time I used not only the normal black tea, but added some raspberry zinger to the mix.  And wow, that's good!  I do add a bit of sugar too, but just a smidge and it making me drink a lot more!

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