Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God Will Provide The Yarn

It is not often that I (Noah) get to have the honor of having my own post on my wife’s blog.  Therefore let me begin by saying I am so grateful for her creativity, passions, and the time and energy that she has put into this site.  It has helped our ministry grow, given her blessings of friendships, and a wealth of memories for our own family to look back upon. I love you Lizzy.

Ok on with the post

Last night I began to pour over our new ministry’s website ( and began to get a better idea of  how to communicate that to our supporters.

Last night I also put on Facebook:
“Praying for God's guidance, inspiration, and awesome: "it is only because of God" type provision as I turn from language school towards support raising again. Lord, help me keep the right balance of faith and action while maintaining an attitude of dependence and thankfulness.”

I have been at the process of support raising and maintaining those relationships, for over five years. Five years!  That is a long time and together Liz and I have learned a lot but one thing that I still struggle with is the balance between doing and trusting.

God used a discussion theme in Language class yesterday to help me. It was about “doing something with what you have and not with what you don’t have.”  We discussed how you can’t just wait but you need to be doing something with what God has already given you. And this is what led me to take over my wife’s blog today. I know this would fit better with Liz than I but, we read a German proverb that says “begin to weave and God will provide the yarn.”

Last night I started “weaving” again because I decided to trust that God would provide the yarn; the next steps, the next partners to invest with us in disciplining through Christian Camping here in Latin America. I needed to act and not just pray and wait for God to do something.

God, thank you for your faithfulness when I falter and am selfish and don’t do what I ought.  Thank you Lord, for your patience with me and for always, always providing for my family’s needs. Thank you for helping me to be the man, the husband, and even the support raiser that my family needs of me. Thank you for helping me walk in obedience to you and your Word.

If God has been prompting you think about supporting us let us know and head over to to find out how. Don’t worry, God will do the same for you, act upon His spirit and give, for He will provide for you as well.

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  1. I was praying about this for you just this evening! Praying that you'd get the rest of your support. "Funny" how God works, isn't it?


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