Friday, March 23, 2012

Rough Week

So, it's been a bit of a rough week around here.  Sorta reminded me of this week.  It started last Friday with Elliot waking up throwing up.  But he seemed to bounce back pretty quickly. 

Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal, so we headed into Moday not thinking too much of anything.  And then halfway through the day, Elliot wound up with some bad diarea and we went home early.  But again, he bounced back quickly.

Tuesday dawned, everyone seemed fine and life was normal.  Noah and I went out for a movie and dinner with some friends, and while out for dinner, things took a turn for the worse.  I ended up with whatever Elliot had, with it attacking both ends, if you know what I mean.  So we had to cut dinner short and head home.  I was out of commission for a good 10 hours, not keeping anything but ice chips down. 

Wednesday Noah headed off to school with the boys, but by 8:30 was on his way home with the boys because Forrest had thrown up.  And the poor dude continued to throw up all afternoon.  We decided we would just all stay home Thursday, and things seemed to be good, you know, until about midnight last night when Forrest stated to throw up again.  And just about the time we got Forrest changed, and the sheets changed, Noah started to throw up.  Yeah.  This guy never gets sick.  Ever.  Ok, maybe that one time.

It's been a week.  We have the day off of school today and were planning on doing something fun, like going to the Children's Museum.  Glad we didn't play a weekend away at the beach!  Some sweet friends brought dinner and jello, and we have pretty much been living on jello, Popsicle and soup.  Because no one once to cook or eat.

Seems as if everyone is sleeping now, which is good.  And I was able to disinfect everything today, which I suppose doesn't matter too much because everyone has had it at this point, but really, this place needed it!

Here's hoping that the weekend is puke free!

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