Friday, January 20, 2012

2 Weeks Down, 14 to Go

Yep, we have just about 14 weeks left here in Costa Rica for our YEAR of language school!  Wow!  Somehow we managed to make it through the last term, morning, errrr all day sickness, seminary classes and all.  And now we are looking at the Subjunctive and making plans for our summer in Michigan.

Yep, you read that right.  We will be back in the Mitten state (is Wisconsin still pulling that junk about being the Mitten state?) from the very end of April through about September.  I started looking to see what ticket prices would be to fly back tonight.  Crazy!  And here is another crazy thought, tomorrow I round the corner at 18 weeks pregnant!  Almost halfway folks!

So you might be wondering what our plans for the summer are.  Well, have a baby is probably number one on the list.  Second would be finishing our support raising.  Right now we are hovering around 86%.  We really need to be at 100% before we can leave for our field of service (wherever that might be, and yes, we are working on that.)  And third on the list is hanging out with a bunch of really great people.

We are in need of a couple of things for the summer though.  And I wouldn't be completely honest if I didn't say that at times I can get anxious about them.  Biggest need, a place to live.  We don't have a huge budget for renting, but if you know of anyone who needs someone to keep their house nice and occupied in the West Michgian area from May through September, would you let us know?  Or maybe you know someone who has space for missionaries or your church has a missions house we could use?    We would love a 3 bedroom, but could probably get by with 2 for the summer since baby will be, well a baby.

Also, right up there on the list of things that we need, a vehicle.  We were blessed beyond words with a van for the month of December.  We don't want to buy something for the summer, but again, if you know of anyone who has a family vehicle that can fit 3 car seats that just needs to be driven this summer, or a church that has a ministry vehicle we can borrow, let us know.

And please, be praying with us about these things.  I know that God has this all worked out and I don't need to fret, but sometimes I do.  And then usually, Forrest will start singing this song, and I am pulled back to the Truth.



  1. I've never heard of Seeds of Family Worship, but when we get the money I will TOTALLY be getting one of their CDs to listen to in the van.

  2. Yep, they are great! We have three of them, and love them all!


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