Monday, November 14, 2011

November Newsletter

Part II of the Exciting Kamper Update....

We are super pleased to announce that we are going to have a new baby!!!

God has answered our prays and we are expecting this new Kamper baby to be born at the end of June. We will be back in Michigan for the summer after we graduate from language school in late April.

Liz is struggling with morning, noon, and night sickness which has made school and being a mom and wife challenging at times, but we have seen God use this for good. The boys are excited about the baby and the fact that Elliot now is a "big brother" as well.


In other news:

God has been providing some encouraging opportunties that remind of the importance of this year of language school to prepare us to serve in Latin America.
Noah was able to help run the staff retreat at school where he took part in leading games for the staff.  It was like adult ambush but all in Spanish, his first time doing so.


Also, a couple weeks ago we had the privilege to observe and be a part of a camp here in Costa Rica.  La Cumbre is a beautiful, outdoor adventure camp run by a Costa Rican Director named Silenia and another LAM missionary.  Silenia invited us up to observe and help run some of the activities at her camp. 


We were tremendously blessed to sit under and hear the heart and philosophy of this women who knows christian camping in a Latin culture.  She taught us a number of things and encouraged us in our passion for Christian Camping in Latin America. Silenia also gave us contacts with others  who are doing camping and could help us out in the future. 
What a fun weekend to spend time with volunteers at a camp and to begin doing the job we are called to do.


To other quick praise notes:

God has provided the funds to pay for Noah's last seminary semester.

Noah has started a homeless shoe ministry and our church here in Costa Rica might be able to partner with him to begin providing shoes and the gospel to the men we see on the street on a daily basis.  If you have adult shoes to spare or a few extra bucks we will be collecting shoes to take back to Costa Rica when we come to visit in December in Michigan.

That is all for now, thank you for reading and feel free to keep up with us on a weekly basis at

With much grace,
The Kampers

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