Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just a Few Cool Things

So in the midst of life, I have needed to take a few moments to create.  Nothing huge, just a couple of things to remind us that it is indeed the end of September.  And while we are still wearing tank tops and sandals (side note, the boys have to wear jeans and sneakers tomorrow and those poor children are going to roast!)  pumpkins and soup seem like what we should be seeing and eating.  Too bad we sweat through a bowl of soup.  But it's oh so good.

And I discovered this neat idea on Pintrest.  You do know about Pintrest right?    And yes, this is the peel of a mandarin orange, with the fleshy middle part as the wick and a bit of olive oil in the bowl part.  How cool is that!? 

Well, these are some of the first candles we have had on the table in about 4 years.  For obvious reasons.  Something about trying to teach little jungle monkeys they need to chew with their mouths closed, wipe their mouths and hands on something other than their clothes and no, they can not keep blowing the candles out.  Which really, the only time they have seen candles on the table is at birthdays and that is exactly what you do then.

Oh and I found this guy in the bathroom tonight.  Can you believe there is something that little that functions all on it's own?  Amazing!


  1. It is indeed the end of September. Here in SW Ohio the leaves are just starting to turn and it is in the 40's at night. We have straw and pumpkins on the front porch. DId you make your paper pumpkins? How?

  2. EEeeek! Is it a gecko? What the heck is it? Better you than me.
    OK, I've been avoiding pinterest (I don't think I spelled that right) because I could get sucked in and not do nothing else all day!

  3. hahah, yes it is a gecko Kara!! And a tiny little guy at that! But they are good to have around, they eat mosquito and other bugs that are icky!

    Jenney, I did make the pumpkins, I used this article as a starting point. I didn't have ribbon though, so I used a wooden skewer instead...


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