Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Bottle

When we moved, I left a glass bottle I used for my olive oil.  I had a jigger (is that the technical term?) in it and left it next to my stove to use as I needed.  But, being as it was glass and space and weight were at a premium, it got left with my sister.  However, I did bring the jigger with me.

I found a small bottle here at a store for oil, it even came with a jigger.  But when I say small, I mean like a couple of ounces.  I was having to refill it ever other day with my stash of olive oil from the fridge (and yes, it's good to keep your olive oil in the fridge.  It keeps it from going rancid, and yes, it will solidify, but it will liquefy again when it gets to room temp.)  Anyway, besides the fact that it was small, the jigger wasn't the greatest and last week, it fell apart.

But low and behold, on the way to school Wednesday, I spotted a empty bottle under a bush.  I got really excited!  It was the perfect size and shape and best of all it was free!!  Right there waiting for me under a bush!  I grabbed it up and put it in the basket under the stroller.

In class that morning I told my teacher about it because I felt very much part of the culture.  See, Wednesdays and Saturdays are trash days.  And on trash days, you will see guys with backpacks wandering the neighborhoods looking for what is still useful.  It really is amazing what people throw out.  And since there aren't places like Salvation Army or Goodwill here, a lot of stuff gets left on the curb.  Apparently the word for these guys is the same word you use for bottom feeders in the ocean.  And I can't for the life of me remember what that word is.

All this discussion lead to my teacher mentioning a used US clothing store in San Jose, which got me really excited!  And she thought that was truly funny!

When we got home that afternoon, I scrubbed it up nicely, got the label off of it (orange oil is a great natural goo gone!), filled it with my olive oil and topped it all off with my jigger!

!Perfecto! I tell you!

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