Saturday, July 23, 2011

Please Pray!

This little guy's name is Reed.  He was born on Monday night two months early with lots of fluid on his lungs.  And his little kidneys aren't working.  The poor dude has yet to have a wet diaper.  He has had an exchange transfusion (drawing off his blood and replacing it with new), surgery, and a whole lot of help breathing this week.

His parents wrote today, "We have been meeting with doctors today and we have some tough choices to make. None of which give a lot of hope for survival, one is wait and see and the other is dialysis."  What a heart breaking thing to have to write!

Right now, as I write this, the doctors are getting him ready for dialysis.  This is a delicate thing with one so tiny and so fragile.  And it remains to be seen if this will help him.

Would you pray with us for Reed, his mama and papa, Jenelle and Chester? We know that God is bigger than all of that.  He formed Reed and He knows how he works best. Pray with us for a miracle for Reed.


  1. saying a prayer for them, Liz. praying for miracles to be done in Jesus' name!

  2. praying for little Reed

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