Monday, June 6, 2011

El Verbo

"En el principio ya existía el Verbo, y el Verbo estaba con Dios, y el Verbo era Dios."

Today in Phoetics class, I read from John 1 and had one of those moments.  First of all, I could understand what I was reading in Spanish.  And that my friends, is a big moment!  I was reading the Bible in Spanish and got the wording, not because I knew the verse in English, but because I was comprehending the words in Spanish!  About once a week I joke as we are stumbling over things like "I see myself in the mirror every day" in my grammar class, "and we are suppose to be able to talk to people about Jesus?!"  But really, I got what these verses were saying today!  That is a milestone!

Ok, so not only was I blown away by the fact that I was understanding the Spanish, but I also was taken back by how the verse was translated.  It was so much stronger than it was in English. Mas fuerte.  Instead of saying Jesus was the Word, it said He is the Verb.  Quick refresher for those of you who slept through freshman English.  A verb is an action word.  You know, run, hit, eat, dance, etc.  Jesus is the Action Word.  Wow!

I stopped mid sentence and actually said "WOW!"  and my teacher smiled and nodded her head emphatically.  She saw that I was understanding completely what I was reading.   As I continued to read "En él estaba la vida, y la vida era la luz de la humanidad, " I saw the bigger picture again.

This day in and day out of language learning, which makes you tired and confused and maybe at this point six weeks in has given us just enough to be dangerous, is for a huge purpose.  My college Spanish professor said on Facebook tonight, "God becomes human so He can communicate with us in ways we can understand--Jesus. We learn languages and cultures so we can communicate with others in ways they can understand--doing our best to model Jesus"

So very true!  

So I will contiue to slog through, "How many times a day do you wash your hands?"  to learn the reflexives, knowing that at some point, it's all going to come together and we'll be able to communicate the Verb, who has the Viva that we all need desperatly!  

Poco a poca, little by little.


  1. love it! so happy that it's clicking and you're understanding, and knowing that's it's where the Lord what's you... what a blessing! and poco a poca made me smile, because that's a music term, except it's poco a poco in italian, but it still means the same thing.

  2. i remember reading this verse for the first time in spanish & absolutely loving the translation. :] He is doing, being, constant motion. He is the verb. :] praying for you and your family.


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