Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Casa

Ok, so thanks for being patient with me!  We made it through Orientation and tomorrow morning classes start at 7:30 am!  Which really, the kids have been getting us up at around 6 am so we should be fine getting to school on time.  Also, it is full on day time sunshine around here by 6 am, so it doesn't feel as bad as it does in grey grey Michigan.

But now on to one of the biggest questions we have been asked about.  Our house.  I am going to try and give you the photographic tour.  Maybe tomorrow we can get a video of the place so you can get the real feel.  And I feel like we are almost to the point where we have our stuff put away and we feel like it's working for us.  There are a few more things to do, but that's going to be in the next couple of weeks, and I know you all don't want to wait that long.  Maybe tomorrow we can get a video of the place so you can get the real feel.

So this is the entryway.  The open door on the right is to the outside.  The other door is a half bath.  You can just see the stairs in the foreground. 

From the last picture, if you turned left, you would be in the kitchen. And isn't it amazing?  Yep, great set up!  Here's another view.

That big silver thing, that's our water filter.  So glad we have it!

Right off the kitchen is a fantastic laundry room, complete with a dryer, and a couple of clothes lines.  This is going to be fantastic when the rainy season hits hard and heavy in a couple of weeks.

Ok, back through the kitchen, over to the living room and dinning room.

It will have a table in a couple of days.  Right now, the toys get strewn everwhere.  But what else is new.

Living room.  Love everything about it!  It's like it was designed for us!

Now up the stairs to the bedrooms and bath.

View out the window up the stairs.  Aren't the mountains amazing?  And this was at a more foggy cloudy time of day.

View of the boys room.  That tent is Elliot's bed.  It's called a peapod and it's a great alternative for a crib and crib tent for us.

Another view of their room.

Bathroom upstairs. No tub, but that is typical.  I love how the shower curtain looks like I picked it out for this bathroom.  I had no idea it would work this well!

Next, our room.  Aren't the floors great?!

Notice there are no dressers?  That's partly because of the humidity.  Instead, the closets have shelves that function as a place to put stuff you would put in a dresser.

Alright, there you go!  Now it's off to bed, after I get clothes laid out for all of us for school tomorrow.  Have a great night guys!


  1. are you sure you didn't send down decorating plans?!!? amazing, friend. it looks like you and noah! :) so glad things are going well for you. hope language school goes well today!

  2. Wow!! Your home is so beautiful and inviting! I just love it! I am praying that God provides an equally as wonderful new home for you when the time comes. You have a great sense of style, by the way!

  3. Liz, I saw this post when it was originally posted, but then saw your comment on the missionary mom page and revisited it. I've never had 3 kids, but when the four of were living in 850 sq ft. we often did things like, put Kassy to sleep in our room in the packn play and when we went to bed carry the pack n play into Hadley's room. Kassy was still waking up at night, but Hadley never woke up. Love your home. It's beautiful.


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