Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Forrest Update and Taxis

Thank you all who prayed for Forrest this morning!  He did much better today.  I think it helped that he knew I was coming in to read to his class halfway through the morning.  We're praying that this will continue tomorrow.  We also discovered that his teacher has a bachelor's degree in Bilingual preschool education.  He couldn't be in a better place!

And now on to one of the things that we never experienced in our old life, but have done servery times here.  Riding in Taxis.  The boys love it!  Forrest asked today if we could take a taxi to school, just for the fun of it!  And every time we get in, they have to sing this song.  Funny how they learned it living in the north woods of Michigan where I think the closest taxi was probably four hours away.  Anyway, someday, maybe I'll capture a video of them singing it, but for right now, enjoy this little video with the taxi song.

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