Friday, May 6, 2011

First Week Done

Well, we made it through our first week of classes!  Well, not really the whole week.  Classes started on Wednesday, but either way we were at school during the mornings the entire week in some form or another.

The boys had a bit rougher time after they weren't in the same classroom.  Which makes sense.  On Wednesday Forrest cried and cried when I picked him up.  He said he didn't like it that Elliot wasn't in class with him because he was his best friend.  Talk about breaking a mama's heart!  But the next day Katie Dog came with him to school and things have been better.  Although today his teacher said he clung to his perrito (little dog) like crazy. 

Noah and i aren't in the same class, which we figured would happen.  He is better at speaking in Spanish and I hear it better.  So he is working on more advanced grammar and I, while not at the very bottom of the pile, and working on remembering all that I have already learned over the years.

It's been good to get going with classes.  After all, this is why we are here this year.  We have four hours of class in the morning with an hour break halfway through.  I start the day with Lengua (Language) which according to the director, they call it that because if they called it Conversation, we would think we could have a conversation and we can't!  Basically we describe things and work on just talking in coherent sentences.  Then it's on to Phonetica, where we learn the mechanics of speaking Spanish.  Like where you tougne goes when you say a vowel, and how the sounds of the language work.  Then we have a break, followed by two hours of Gramatica. 

Noah's first two classes are flipped from mine and then after the break he has his Gramatica . 

After class we pick up the boys, and we have been packing a lunch to eat at school.  The boys have cried the days we haven't.  I think they like eating outside and then just playing.  Plus, with the half hour walk home (although we made it in 20 minutes today!) Elliot is falling asleep in the stroller.  So it's good for us to eat before leaving campus.

Alright, so you'll need to excuse the poor videography of this video, but it gives you a good idea (in condensed form) of what our walk to school is like.  Oh, and make sure to note the time of day on Noah's watch.  Oh, and one more thing.  It sorta ends abruptly.  That's because, as you will see, Elliot falls down, needs help, and I never got back to taping.  Sorry.  We have a whole year here.  We'll work on showing you more of campus.

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  1. thanks for sharing the's neat to see things through your eyes :). will pray the boys adjust soon to being separated.


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