Friday, April 8, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Well.  Do you feel neglected?  I feel like I am neglecting you.  And really, I don't have a whole lot of time today either.  So I am sorry, but you are going to get bits and pieces today.

I never thought we would be so very busy when we got to Grand Rapids.  And my, we are!  It's been a good busy.  Seeing people, sharing meals, going to places we never dreamed of, you know like the zoo that is just 5 minutes from our apartment, or the Children's Museum which is 3 minutes.  And all of those fun things I have forgotten to get photos of! Good Grief!  I think I have eaten out every day this week!  What on earth!? 

The boys have fallen in love with playing at the park, using sidewalk chalk and having their days programed.  In fact, a bit too much.  They can't seem to remember how to play by themselves. We're having to tell them, "nope, now it's time to play by yourself."  Funny.

It's been a good transition from Barakel to Costa Rica I think.  In Costa Rica, we will be living in San Jose which is the capital city and 1/3 of the country's population lives in the metro area.  So getting used to cars and cement is a good idea.  Forrest is a bit confused on some points of the move.  He asked me yesterday if it snows in this country, meaning Grand Rapids.  Ha!

We are now at 82%.  Just 16 days until we fly out!  We keep praying that God will bring us to 90% by then!  We are speaking at a church on Sunday and have a couple more events between now and then.  Will you pray with us about this? Thanks!

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